November 14, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) BOX-OFFICE is OPEN

Buy Advance ticket and save!

-Advance Regular - Ksh100 less

-Adnance Premium/VIP - Ksh200 less
Because it will be 8th episode of the Star Wars saga, so early birds сan win TV Plazma, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Mixer, Toaster, Iron box, Kettle, Hair dryer, Food steamer - 8 items of each product proudly provided by SATURN Brand (Home/Living appliances).

Schedule:, Care Lines:

MEGA Kisumu 0718-547949

IMAX 20th Century 0702-028506
SKY Panari 0735-632534
DIAMOND Parklands 0753-125505